Why Pray?

If God already knows what we need, why do we need to tell Him? If He wants us to pray “Thy will be done” then why ask? If He already knows the outcome in advance, why worry Him with our issues?

These are all good and reasonable questions from our standpoint. And yet the Word of God teaches us to “pray without ceasing.” And the Bible is full of examples of prayer and admonitions to pray. What’s the point?

Well, our Heavenly Father wants our worship. “The Father seeketh such to worship Him.”  If we didn’t have needs, He probably would never hear from us. So, in His great wisdom, He has made us a part of his grand program by the means of prayer. If we don’t pray, will it matter? Yes, indeed. We are told by the apostle James, “…ye have not, because ye ask not.” God definitely wants us to ask Him for our needs.

It is a good idea to just put our needs before Him and not get into telling Him how to go about answering. My experience is that God seldom answers prayer in the exact manner I think it should be answered. He always surprises me and after the dust settles, I find that His way really was the best way. It is important when praying to take the position mentally, that God does hear and that He will answer. It’s ok if we feel doubtful but we need to tell God that we are taking as a matter of the will, the position that He will answer. He will honor that attitude. But it is better not to set up specific expectations on the timing and the particular way that He will respond. That’s where “Thy will be done” comes in.  Seek a position mentally that you want only what God wants. That involves a mental surrender but it is important in achieving the sincere attitude of “Thy will be done.”

God really does care. He really can do. He is not an unwilling Father but one who loves us, wants our best, knows what is best and it is a big step in our spiritual growth to accept this and be glad  for it. Then we will know why we pray.