Audio clips

Some of the early family gatherings at the Shoemakers’ were recorded on cassette and are available here. These can be downloaded and played on computer or IOS device.

To listen to the recording, click the arrow on the black bar for that recording. If you want to download the recording, click the link and and then in the browser file menu, click “Save As…”.

List of recordings

Scripture Memory April 1983  Mom drills Paul in bible memory (2 1/2 minutes) Quality, good


A story with Paul April 1984  Dad (with help from Paul) tells a story (21 minutes) Quality, good


Christmas 1980  The Shoemaker children singing and playing piano, reading the Christmas story and Dad telling a story (30 minutes). Quality, good


Christmas 1979  The Five Little Reindeer and the Bear (12 minutes). Quality, good


Five Ducklings and the Bear  Circa 1978 Dad tells a story (9 minutes). Quality, good


Family Devotions  Dec 1975  Singing, bible verses and prayer (21 minutes). Quality, fair


Family Devotions Aug 1974  Dad and Mom with Connie (4), Christy (2) and Cathy, singing, praying (14 minutes) Quality, good


Judy Shoemaker Personal Testimony December 1972 (9 1/2 minutes)


Wedding October 18, 1969 abridged First Alliance Church, Louisville, Ky (23 minutes)